Our commitment to your company's needs

Our commitment to your company's needs is second to none...

​We offer a comprehensive range of services involving on-site repair and maintenance of industrial and shipping machinery.

Marine Engineering

Waterside Engineering provides maintenance and repair to all types of main engines and generators. Services include overhauling and reconditioning cylinder heads, inlet and exhaust valves, pistons, bearings, exhaust gas turbocharger's, clutches, gear boxes and various types of de-tuners and vibration dampers.

Structural Steel Repairs

Our experienced team will undertake repairs and renewals to marine and industrial structures to the standards required by the Classification Societies. We work in steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium bronze and aluminium. We provide riggers and can access relevant facilities as required.

The fabrication facility has some of the most up-to-date equipment available and is able to meet the demands of just about any job. These facilities include: A 200 tonne break press, up to 16mm guillotine, metal-forming rollers and profile cutting machine. We manufacture pipe work in various materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper nickel.

Ship Repairs Afloat

All our services are readily available to vessels while at sea or while making trading calls into the Port of Melbourne and other ports. We can also undertake survey work and major repairs at layby berths in port area. Diving facilities are available for underwater inspection and hull openings can be sealed to permit repairs to sea valves

Boiler and Machine Shop

The machine shop facility can maintain, repair and overhaul generators heads, compressors and pumps. We also have capability to build up and re-machine worn vales and make replacement parts for any kind of machinery. Machine shop equipment includes lathes, vertical and horizontal borers, milling and slotting machines. Waterside Engineering continues to invest its resources in modern equipment and technology in order to give your company the best possible service.

Waterside Engineering understands the importance for any company to undertake regular plant and machinery inspections to maintain efficient and profitable operation. Our company provides a comprehensive testing service for all kinds of machinery and equipment including pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

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